Archived - 2017

A great night out

A Sunderland nightclub is transformed into an ephemeral and glittering dream space. For one night only, the community gather for a massive celebration, with food, drink and magical story telling of unsung heroes.

“Did A Great Night Out live up to its name? Emphatically, gloriously, wondrously yes!”
Rob Lawson, Sunderland Echo
“Did A Great Night Out live up to its name? Emphatically, gloriously, wondrously yes!”
Rob Lawson, Sunderland Echo

A Great Night Out was a one off performance, which was the culmination of a two year partnership with Cultural Spring and the people of Sunderland and South Tyneside.

The full story
Commissioned by The Cultural Spring, Creative People and Places Project.

Performers / Credits


Ray Spencer


David Callaghan
Carol Cooke Choir
Richard Elroy
Michelle Gerencser
Stacey Ghent
Angela Hannon
David Hopper
Ian Horn
Jodie Loader Young Choir
Anthony Loughlin Lead singer  Heroes
Geraldine McStea Choir
Darren Palmer
Tom Potts
Lee Ridley
Neil Watson
Linda Zigmundova Choir

House band

Ross Millard Composer/Guitar/Voice
Rebecca Young Composer/Guitar/Bass/Voice
James Hutchinson Drums
Tom Fletcher Pedal Steel


Corinne Kilvington Coordinator
Lynda Abdullah
Jean Brodie
Jacqui Brown
Judith Burford
Gail Cann
Bob Carrick
Val Coneley
David Cooke
Margaret Cramman
Linda Cunningham
Richard Curtis
Michael Davison
Jeff Dawson
Emily Dodds
Debra Doyle
Diane Embleton
Lorna Forster
Catherine Hillam
Jodie Loader Young
Eloise Lotz
Lu Mackie
Eileen Murray
Joan Neil
Martin Nichols
Ken Oley
Richie Schulz
Tom Stevenson  
Ann Storey
Janice Swan
Ann Weaver

Special thanks

Maureen Ambrose
Florence Anderson
Julio Arca
Kevin Ball
Dave Downing
Len Gibson
Juliana and Bob Heron
Norman Kirtlan
Sir Jimmy Montgomery
Dennis O’Brien
Darren Palmer
Carol Roberton
Evelyn Rogers
David Selby
Ann Usher
Denny Wilson

Special thanks

Emma Horsman Project Director
Amy Taylor Project Coordinator
Michael Barrass Community Engagement Coordinator
David Callaghan
Rob Lawson PR
Georgia Shippen Intern


Bill Mitchell Director
Mercedes Kemp Writer/ Associate Director Research and Community
Charlie Bunker Producer
Victoria Abbott Composer/Musical
Ross Millard Composer/Co-Musical Director
Kyla Goodey Performance Director
Myriddin Wannell Production Designer/ Associate Designer
Ellie Williams Designer
Kate Eccles Maker/Designer Team
Helen Atkinson Sound Designer
Paul Jarvis Technical Manager/ Lighting Designer
Graeme Hopper Soundscape Artist
David Bilton Production Manager
Fiona Blair Stage Manager
Sarah Oatley Costume Supervisor
Gillian Thomas Hair and Makeup
Victoria Adam Mellis  Wardrobe
Karl Oatley Wardrobe
Max Wingate Lighting Technician
Peter Rice Production Sound Engineer
Andrew Hagan Film Content
Mia Page Production Assistant
Darren Palmer Research Assistant
Emma Hogg General Manager
Debra Gristwood Finance Manager
John Liew Sunderland University Placement
Kirsty Bond Sunderland University Placement
Sam Storey Head Chef

A Great Night Out - Part 8  ‘The House Band’ and ‘Sunderland AFC’.

A Great Night Out - Part 7  ‘The House Band’ and ‘Sunderland AFC’.